Standard Leather Harness

Beautifully hand-crafted in the USA, our dual-check harnesses are made of top-grade leather, with patent-leather blinders and back saddle & girth with wrap straps. Complete with breeching. Would be appropriate for show ring or everyday. Black with chrome or brass fittings hardware. Reinforced blinders, style shown in picture insert.


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#1011M - Mini A

#1011MB - Mini B

#1011PS - Small Pony

#1011PM - Med. Pony
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#1011PL - Lg. Pony
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#1011Cob - Cob
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Leather Rolled Show Harness

Beautifully hand-crafted in the USA, our dual-check rolled harnesses are made of top-grade leather, with patent-leather blinders (with accent stud, may not be as shown), box keepers with fine tooling and patent back saddle & girth with wrap straps. Breast collar with rolled buckle-in traces. Available in black with chrome or brass fittings hardware.


Headstall - Rolled

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#1011MR - Mini A


Leather Rolled Fine Show Harness

Handcrafted in the USA, from Premium Harness Leather. Brass hardware, brass-studded browband & caveson, patent blinders with diamond stud, overcheck with brass diamond center, patent back saddle with red piping, patent bellyband, patent breast collar with rolled tugs, rolled maringale, brown rolled lines with handles.


#1015M - Mini

#1015P - Pony

#1015 - Cob

Back & Breast Pads


Luxury accessories for your harness horse. Faux fur and 1" high quality foam with hook & loop straps to attach to your harness. Available in Black

#7025 - Back Pad


#7026 - Breast Pad

Enhance your show harness with a great looking black velvet back saddle pad,

with shearling backing. 3 velcro loops.

#7027 - Back Pad


Cart Number Holder

#9023 - Cart Number Holder - Back of Cart




#WW07 - Dynaflex Pro Lite 48" Driving Whip


Lunging Caveson


This vital training aid comes in low-maintenance nylon; stitched for strength and durability. Fully adjustable with rings on top and side for changing direction, lined with 1/2" felt.



Harness Bag

Guard against damage to your harness investment with either of these gorgeous harness bags!




  • The Outer shell is constructed from 600 denier polyester, with a fleece lining and has a rod insert across the top of the bag to keep rigid.
  • There is a large front pocket, to keep extra harness parts, bits, leather cleaner etc.
  • There are 6 nylon buckled loops, 3 across with 3 down the center for harness.
  • Nylon buckle on bag handle to allow easy fastening to any hanging location.
  • Colour choice includes red, royal, navy, burgundy, green, purple and black.
Size: Approximately 32" x 16" x 3 1/2"




  • The Outer shell is constructed from heavy weight Cordura, with a deep thick sherling lining.
  • Easy in and out with a full side zipper.
  • There are 4 hook and loop velcro hangers.
  • Colour choice: Purple.

Size: Approximately




Diaper bag hooks to both sides of the saddle, harness back saddle or surcingle, with a strap running between the legs to the girth. Made from Black Cordura with a easy to open zipper bottom. Great for parades or attending Nursing homes too. One size fits most. Lots of adjustment on straps.


Nylon Surcingle


A useful piece of training equipment in durable nylon with felt padding. The girth adjusts on both sides for a secure fit.


#7030 - Mini

#7030P - Pony

Harness Browband and Conchos


Jazz up your headstall with intricately crafted silver bars and conchos. Eye-catching in silver, gold or mixed styles.


#7031 - Silver Browband


#7031C - Harness Conchos (set of 2)
$87.50 pair


Harness Conchos

in Brass or Chrome

#7131B or C

#7131B or C - Harness Conchos (set of 2)

Rosettes are 1 3/8", with 3/4" tab

$20.00 pair

Coloured Leather Caveson


Draw attention to your horse with dramatic color flashes on the browband & caveson.

Yellow, Red, White, Green, Burgundy, Navy



#7031CB - Coloured Browband only


#1011CCB - Coloured Browband & Caveson




Knoalt Leather Preservative


Rejuvenate your leather with our secret family formula preservative and conditioner. Goes on easy and doesn't leave greasy film.




Boot Guard® Boot and Shoe Protectant/Conditioner

Double K Industries advertises Boot Guard® restores, protects and waterproofs all leathers with pure beeswax, pure lanolin, and oils that condition and preserve leather. Boot Guard® helps prevent drying, cracking, stitching damage, de-lamination and salt stains. Boot Guard® is safe to apply by hand and is the perfect choice to protect leather from the stresses of heat, sun, cold and moisture through all seasons.

Great for cowboy boots, work boots, athletic shoes, riding boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, saddles and tack, leather purses and wallets, briefcases, belts and leather accessories.





Harness Parts List

If you are looking for other parts, please call us.

 #1011Mart - Martingale - Mini

 #1011Mart - Martingale - Pony

#1011Cav - Caveson - Mini
#1011Cav - Caveson - Pony   

#1011Head - Driving Headstall - Mini

#1011Head - Driving Headstall - Pony

#1011Side - Side Checks - Mini  

#1011Side - Side Checks - Pony

 #1011Over - Over Checks - Mini

#1011Over - Over Checks - Pony

#1011Belly - Girth, with wrap straps - Mini - 8" and 10"

#1011Belly - Girth, with wrap straps - Pony - 12" and 14", custom orders available

#1011Breeching - Mini

#1011Crupper - Mini

#1011Crupper - Pony

#1011Bit - Leather Bitting Rig - Mini

#1011Bit - Leather Bitting Rig - Pony

#1011DL - Driving Lines - Mini

#1011DL - Driving Lines - Pony

 #1011DLT - Team Driving Lines - Mini

 #1011DLT - Team Driving Lines - Pony

 #1011AJB - Adjustable Breast Collar-Mini

 #7100 - Rein Stops