For Refining Your Horse's Conformation

Do you use the words chubby or chunky to describe your horse? Then consider our neoprene sweats for refining your horse.

** Warning!! **

Neoprene products used without polarfleece should not be left on your horse for an extended amount of time. This product could cause blisters if left on your horse, especially in extreme heat.

Throat Sweats and Wraps

Need to trim a little off your horse's throatlatch or neck? We have a black neoprene sweat with polarfleece lining, hook and loop closure that will comfortably trim your horse's neck.

Throat Sweat






#6002 - 2" Throat Sweat

#6003 - 3" Throat Sweat

#6004 - 4" Throat Sweat

#6016 - 6" Neck Sweat

#6017 - 8" Neck Sweat

#6018 - 10" Neck Sweat

#6006 - 6" Neck Wrap

#6008 - 8" Neck Wrap

#6010 - 10" Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap


Neo Neck Sweat

Looking for definition in the neck area? This neoprene full neck sweat will assist in defining this stubborn part on your horse.


Neo Neck Sweat

Neck and Shoulder Sweat

This resilient neoprene sweat fully covers the neck and shoulders, or body, providing a snug fit needed for successful sweating. This aids in refining your horse's thick areas.

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Shoulder Sweat


Full Body Sweat

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large



Full Body Sweat

Lined Full Body Sweat

Same as #6014, with lined Polarfleece

Belly Wrap

No more embarrassing tummy bulge. This neoprene wrap lined with polarfleece will help sweat that belly off as he works. Hook & Loop closures.

Belly Wrap
#6011 - Small

#6012 - Medium

#6013 - Large

#6013XL - X-Large

Lined Neck & Shoulder Sweat

This sweat is lined with polarfleece for effective yet safe weight reduction. The fleece reduces the risk of skin irritation, and may be left on overnight.

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large