Stable Products


Here's a muzzle made from black nylon mesh and offered in assorted bright trim colors. A leather bottom with grommet hole aids in your horses' comfort and a hook & loop strap gives adjustability.

#7001A - Mini A

#7001B - Mini B

Square Muzzle

Four hook & loop tabs attach this black nylon mesh muzzle to your horse's halter. It come in bright color varieties with leather bottom with grommet. Halter not included.


Measuring Stick

For accurate measuring from 14" to 39", this aluminum stick with level will meet your mini needs. Comes with it's own black nylon case for storage.


Hay Bale Carrier

Tidy up your tack room or trailer with our nylon bale carrier. Makes transporting hay a breeze and protects your hay from dirt & damp.


Nylon Hay Bag

Feed your horse the clean and safe way. Prevents loss of nutritious leaves and blades and protects against your horse catching a leg in a net. Made from premium nylon with hanger, rings and nylon trim around muzzle hole.



Slow Feed Hay Net by Handy Hay Nets



Sale $35.00 - In stock items only, no returns.


The trailer size slow feed hay net holds 1-2 flakes and is perfect for hard to keep miniature horses.

In stock, the 0.5" size netting and includes the hanging ring. In our experience, found to work best with somewhat more course hay.

This option provides you with more ways to hang your Handy Hay Net, in a trailer, stall or turnout area.

We first tested the Handy Hay Nets in the summer of 2017. Wow! They are very well made and strong. Our boys really gave the nets a good "going over". Initially we placed on the ground which meant they would be subjected to being dragged, chewed, pawed and even some flinging about was observed. As the weather changed, we then hung the Handy Hay Nets on gates, with the bag just at ground level. HHnets have proven to be very well made and durable.

Miniature horses are notorious for their constant eating. Hay nets allow for regulating the amount of hay available, increased simulated grazing time (compared to a pile of loose hay) and provide owners with the option for more free time.

Handy Hay Nets website has detailed information on using hay nets and is a great resource.

- more pictures coming soon.

Matching Poly Leads


Mix & Match colors with these 1/2" thick soft cotton-feel leads with snap. 8' long.

Purple, Royal, Hunter, Red, Black, Patriotic.




Hold your horses - with our tough, yet soft on the legs mini hobbles. Fleece-lined leg bands with nylon overlay and buckles.


Polo Wraps


Support your horse's delicate legs during workouts or traveling. Made with polar and hook & loop closures.

Sale $20.00

Tail Wrap


Shelter the vulnerable tail dock from rubbing and chewing, and preserve your horse's full tail. Our wrap is polarfleece with hook and loop closure.